It's been several years of taking pictures and learning how to get a good exposure in camera and process it to get a good photograph, as well at several weeks in setting up this site.  I think it's time to go live.

Right now there are only 3 galleries, there will be more in the next week or so(Sunsets and Glendale).  If you see a picture in the slideshow or on my Flickr page and wish to purchase it, let me know via comment or email(it's the envelope icon at the top right).

I've limited sales to prints and downloads, Smugmug does have other items available(mugs, phone cases...), again let me know.

You may have noticed that there is a watermark in all the prints in the Galleries, this watermark will NOT be present in prints or downloads.  My logo will appear in the right corner of downloads.

If you were wondering what building that forms the 'L' in Glendale in my logo, it's the Alex Theater here in Glendale.

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