I’m currently using 2 cameras: the Samsung NX500 for most photography and the Samsung NX300 that has been converted to full spectrum for infrared photography.

Samsung NX500

The NX500 is my primary camera. It’s a mirrorless camera and shoots a 28mp image. Since it’s mirrorless it is quite small and really light, which makes it optimal for hiking. However, being mirrorless means that you have to shoot via live view and glare on the screen can be a problem shooting in bright sun. It also can shoot 3D pictures with the 45mm 2D/3D lens, and will shoot 4k video. 

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Samsung NX300

When I decided that I wanted to shoot infrared, I got the NX300 on EBay and had it converted for full spectrum(they remove a filter in the camera and replace it with glass). I went with the NX300 since it can use all the lens that the NX500 uses. 

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I use these lens: 16-50mm Power Zoom lens as the everyday lens for both cameras. 10mm fisheye. 12mm for astrophotography. 50-200mm for distance shots and panoramas. 45mm 2D/3D for 3D pictures and medium range low light shots.

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